Guance Ciliegine.


Guance ciliegine è un toccante tributo di Bruno Tognolini ad un autore italiano molto amato: Mino Milani. Tra questi titani , riproposti da Giunti in una collana di tascabili, le mie illustrazioni. C’è di che arrossire!

A bug in the dish.


Nice to find in a bookstore the latest book written by Giulia Maffei and Giulia Tacchini, published by RED! and illustrated by me. It’s an interesting manual about the food of the future. Never thought it is possible to eat insects? Nutritionists know they have more proteins than beef and a very low environmetal impact. The authors also assert that they’re delicious. Are you tempted? Here many advices, nutritional values, and funny receipts. Enjoy it!